Free Cs-Cart Addons

Sticky Menu to top

CODE: stckmn31116

4.3.x / Customer Experience

Make your Main Menu stick on the top,  while scrolling.  Just install this and you are ready, You only need to retain the class name... More Addon

CODE: DVS33669

e-Stisfaction is the easiest way for e-shops to understand how happy their customers are and take immediate action on their feedback. Integrate... More 

Category Grid Lookz

CODE: cgrlkz101215

4.3.x / Customer Experience, Marketing

Our Category Grid Lookz Addon can change a lot of things on theway the products look in the most popular look in category: The Grid.  ... More 

Footer Icons

CODE: fi14215

Another Free Addon that will make our lifes a little bit easier. Just install it and choose from the Addon settings screen the Banks (Alpha, Eurobank,... More 

Order Referrer for 41x

CODE: or14914

View order referrer and search engine information in your admin order details. This addon provides referrer information visible from the Admin view... More 

Category Images for v4.2.2

CODE: ci23914

Category Images are gone since version 4 but this is a useful feature for many stores as its easier sometimes to recognize the sub category you are... More 

Disable submit order button after one click

CODE: dsob2582014

You might had that already: A customer places an order, and if there is a small delay then they think it hasn't been clicked and they click it again... More 

Addthis Social Buttons for CS-Cart Products

CODE: at2462014

A simple Addon to add Social Buttons under your Product . You only  need to open an account in order to set which buttons to show up in the... More 

Jssocials - Social Network Sharing Addon

CODE: jssns24816

jsSocials   is a simple social network sharing jQuery plugin.We intergrated this to CS-Cart to have the ability to show in the product screen your... More 

Maintenance Menu for CS-Cart 4.1.x

CODE: mm18414

A new useful free Addon for Admins in CS-Cart v4.1.x, i ts simple but very powerful in use, as it saves much time in a few day to day basis admin... More 

Welcome Message for CS-Cart

CODE: wm08414

A simple addon that will put a welcome message anywhere you like for your guest. If he is not logged in then  "Welcome,   Guest... More 

Nice Social Buttons for CS-Cart 4.x

CODE: nsb010414

As the Addon title says, it is about some Nice Modern Designed Social Buttons for your store. They appear on the top right side of your store at a... More 

Footer Menus n Icons 4.3.x

CODE: fme4316

A super handy icons for creating easy fast and dynamic all your Footer menus! No more html changing and page id finding. FOoter menus as it should be... More 

Custom Locations for Layout

CODE: cloc4

Another useful Addon that allows you to create custom location in layout for a separate category, product or even page and build a unique Landing Page.... More