CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.3.4 Released


Another minor release of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor is Out!

Version 4.3.4 lets you

  • assign payment methods to shipping methods,
  • adds birthday promotions,
  • improves the Upgrade Center.

Other important additions/changes to that version:

  •     Right-to-left languages support makes CS-Cart more convenient for Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian speakers.
  •     A new notice on the storefront warns customers if their browsers don’t accept cookies. If the browser doesn’t accept cookies, the customer can have issues with logging in and placing orders.
  •     You can reorder products, categories, pages, and polls when you add them manually to the blocks in Design → Layouts. For example, when you showcase camping gear on your home page, reorder camping products to show tents at the top, sleeping bags in the middle, and backpacks at the bottom of the list:
  •     Customers can sign up using emails that contain Cyrillic symbols and special characters such as !, #, $, %, and &.
  •     Admins create backup files only in the “zip” format. The ability to create “tgz” archives was removed because they took too much space on the hard drive. Zip archives take less space and are more popular.

See all the improvements and fixes in the changelog.

Assigning Payment Methods to Shipping Methods

In earlier versions, the checkout page showed even those payment methods that a customer couldn’t use with the chosen shipping method.

For example, your customers could pay only with a credit card when they chose shipping via FedEx, but they still saw other payment methods, such as check or cash on delivery, at checkout. These dummy payment methods confused customers.

In CS-Cart 4.3.4, use the Payment dependencies add-on to show only those payment methods that actually work for the chosen shipping method:

New Promotion Condition: “Birthday”

With the improved Age verification add-on, you can congratulate your customers on their birthdays with a newsletter and a personal discount:

    To offer a discount or a free shipping coupon to your customers on their birthdays, create a new cart promotion and choose the Birthday condition for it:

    Export user data with birthdays from your store into a CSV file, and then import it to MailChimp to create a birthday mailing list and send birthday emails to your customers:

Upgrade Center Enhancements

In 4.3.4, the Upgrade Center is safer and more informative:

  •     Starting with version 4.3.1, an admin receives an email with a restore link after an upgrade. If the admin clicked the restore link by accident, the upgrade immediately rolled back.
  •     In 4.3.4 and higher, the admin has to confirm the restore. This improvement protects the upgraded store from an accidental reversion.

    You will see useful information about installed upgrades under the Installed upgrades tab in the Upgrade Center:

    The tab will show the information after the upgrade from 4.3.4 to a higher version.


License owners with active upgrade subscriptions will see a notification about the upgrade in their admin panels within a week.

Click the notification or visit the Upgrade Center to upgrade your store.

Before upgrading to 4.3.4 you will upgrade to 4.3.3.SP1. This maintenance patch enhances the Upgrade center so as the further upgrade to 4.3.4 will go smooth.

IMPORTANT: If you’re upgrading from CS-Cart 2 or 3, use the Store import add-on to migrate to version 4.3.2, and then upgrade via the Upgrade Center.