We understand how crucial speed is for an online store. This is why we put much effort in making CS-Cart faster with every new version. Backed by advanced web-technologies, CS-Cart offers blazing fast page loading and navigation.

With CS-Cart, you don’t have to worry that your customers will wait for a page to load. CS-Cart is designed to deliver smooth and seamless shopping to every customer.

Cloud-Powered Search

With built-in support of the Searchanise free cloud search service, CS-Cart stores deliver relevant search results extremely quickly.

All the search requests are processed by the Searchanise servers remotely, taking the load from your server.

CDN Support Out of the Box

CS-Cart ships with the Amazon CloudFront CDN support available by default. All the benefits of a Content-Delivery Network are at your service, just in a few clicks.

CDN is a collection of servers distributed across the globe that store your static data (images, CSS, and JavaScript files). For a customer, this means better response time when accessing your site, because the content takes a shorter path to their browser.