Free Cs-Cart Addons

Ether Mailer Intergration

CODE: eth15716

4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x / Marketing, Intergrations

Ether Mailer is a web-based application for sending  marketing Email Newsletters so as to promote your business and products.   You... More 

Sticky Menu to top

CODE: stckmn31116

4.3.x / Customer Experience

Make your Main Menu stick on the top,  while scrolling.  Just install this and you are ready, You only need to retain the class name... More Addon

CODE: DVS33669

e-Stisfaction is the easiest way for e-shops to understand how happy their customers are and take immediate action on their feedback. Integrate... More 

Category Grid Lookz

CODE: cgrlkz101215

4.3.x / Customer Experience, Marketing

Our Category Grid Lookz Addon can change a lot of things on theway the products look in the most popular look in category: The Grid.  ... More 

Footer Icons

CODE: fi14215

Another Free Addon that will make our lifes a little bit easier. Just install it and choose from the Addon settings screen the Banks (Alpha, Eurobank,... More 

Order Referrer

CODE: or14914

View order referrer and search engine information in your admin order details. This addon provides referrer information visible from the Admin view... More 

Category Images for v4.2.2

CODE: ci23914

Category Images are gone since version 4 but this is a useful feature for many stores as its easier sometimes to recognize the sub category you are... More 

Disable submit order button after one click

CODE: dsob2582014

You might had that already: A customer places an order, and if there is a small delay then they think it hasn't been clicked and they click it again... More 

Addthis Social Buttons for CS-Cart Products

CODE: at2462014

A simple Addon to add Social Buttons under your Product . You only  need to open an account in order to set which buttons to show up in the... More 

Jssocials - Social Network Sharing Addon

CODE: jssns24816

4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x

jsSocials   is a simple social network sharing jQuery plugin.We intergrated this to CS-Cart to have the ability to show in the product screen your... More