Terms of use

1. Ownership
The website belongs to the company http://www.cscart.biz aka Kourmadas & SIA EE and Dvs eCommerce Experts. This website offers all users / visitors software market services, and technology applications for e-commerce and especially the ecommerce software  Cs-Cart subject to the following terms of use.
The use / visit this website implies full acceptance of terms of use described here. Navigation, and stay on this website archiving this practice constitutes acceptance of the following terms of use.
2. Use of the website
The use of this website is solely for lawful purposes and in a way that does not restrict or prevent its use by others.
The user / visitor of this website is obliged to use it according to the law, and the terms and conditions. The user / visitor of this website must not commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction and adversely affect or endanger the provision of the services provided through the website to third parties.
3. Content
Make all attempts to ensure that the information and content appearing each time on the site to be as far as possible accurate, true and timely. It also provides the content (eg information, names, photographs, data, etc.) and services available through the website of "EXACTLY AS IS".
Under no circumstances liable for any legal, civil or criminal nature, nor for any possible damage (direct, special or consequential) of the user / visitor of this website.
4. Referals
This website may contain references (links) to websites of third parties with the sole purpose of informing the user / visitor. The reference to links belonging to third parties' websites is not an adoption of opinions and their actions or acceptance of the content they express, publish or post.
Third parties - operators of the websites are responsible by law - are solely responsible for the content of their websites or for any damage that may result from their use, when the user / episkeptistou website web topoucscart.biz accesses these . The user / visitor accepts that by visiting the websites of others, leaving the website cscart.biz and subject to the conditions of their use.
5. Liability
Given the form of the Internet, is not liable under any circumstances for any loss incurred by the user / visitor of the web pages, services, options and content of this website.
It also does not guarantee that any associated with this web site or the servers and servers (servers) through which all services made available to the user / visitor not contain "viruses" or other malicious software, like not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or the availability of content, pages, services, options or results from their use.
6. Personal Information
With this web site may be collecting personal data of users / visitors only. Personal data are defined as those that can only be used for the identification or for communication with users / guests, especially those collected in various Forms Data Submission. The user / visitor explicitly consents unconditionally and have the above personal information to the site , where required or requested.
Dvs.gr may use personal data for informational purposes or to make sending emails or mail announcements / news to the registered user / visitor, unless he wants that and explicitly expressed in communicating to the Dvs.gr.
Dvs.gr sells personal information to third parties or users / visitors of this website and does not transfer or not publish personal data of users / visitors of the website to third parties, unless otherwise specified by law or if a contractual obligation essential the proper functioning of the Site and carrying out its functions.
Dvs.gr can process part or all of the information sent by users / visitors for statistical purposes and to improve the existing services - information. The user / visitor can communicate with the manager (administrator) of the website, to check for the existence of a personal record and correct, change or deletion.
Hereby website is estimated to gather non-personally identifiable information of the website users using similar technologies, such as cookies and / or monitoring protocol addresses and the like as they result from the communication navigation and browser (web browser) to the server (server). The cookies are small text files stored on the hard disk of the user / visitor and no knowledge of the computer of any document or record of, nor lead to the identification of the computer with any person. They used to facilitate access user / visitor in the use of specific services and / or pages of the website for statistical purposes and to determine the areas which are useful or dimofileis.Ta non personal data may also include the type of program navigation and web browsing (web browser) used by the user / visitor, the type of computer, operating system, Internet service provider (ISP) and other information such eidous.O user / visitor of this site can be configured program for navigation and web browsing (web browser) so as to warn him of the use of "cookies" on certain services or to refuse to accept the use of "cookies" in any case. If the user / visitor of the services and pages does not wish to use "cookies" to identify himself may have limited access to some of the services, uses or functions provided by this website. The collection of all data falling under the category of personal data received by Dvs.gr through this website, which either send it in case users or collected during navigation - navigation and use of the site by users, place according to the Law. 2472/1997 (the amendments of Law. 3625/2007) and N. 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data character..
7. Law
Applicable terms and conditions of use of this website and any amendment or change the subject and complemented by national and Community law and relevant international terms.Any provision of these terms is found to be contrary to the above mentioned legal framework or become unbalanced force ceases to apply and removed from the present, without in any way affect the validity of other conditions. Competent courts to solve any possible dispute arising from this set Courts of Chalkidas Evia Greece.
8. Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions of use of this website constitute the entire agreement between the cscart.biz and the user / visitor of the website and services and commits only them. No modification of these terms of use shall not be taken into account and is not part of this agreement if not expressed in writing and incorporated in these terms of use. Unless otherwise specified, in this website the above terms shall be immediately valid in its entirety tous.I dvs.gr unilaterally reserves the right to modify, add, change the content or services of the place and conditions of use that, whenever it deems necessary, without prior notice, through this website, always within the existing or potentially new legal plaisiou.
9. Order Options
All orders received in writing, online, by completing and sending the relevant Order Form, which appears in www.cscart.biz site alone are binding if accepted by the store user - client updated with regard acceptance or non - on the part of the store -of the orders, the order status will receive the Registration Confirmation, which is sent by e-mail upon submission of order.Client must check the Registration Confirmation and immediately inform the shop (no later than 24 hours from the time of receiving email alerts Confirmation of registration) in writing of any error, otherwise the information mentioned in the Registration Confirmation will apply to this agreement
10. Cancelations
In any case, the user - customer is entitled to cancel the order within that period of 24 hours, if not yet performed and not delivered the kind (ie either not finished the job or not issued tax document), or calling us at +30 22210 61934 hours 08.30 - 15.00 Mon-Fri) or by sending us e-mail at info@dvs.gr address (account Fotis Kourmada). Depending on the stage of development of the relevant order The user - client will be informed of the choices they have. Any change or cancellation of the order will not be valid without our prior acceptance and in any case the user - customer will be liable for damages / work / charges caused by the cancellation of order.we dont offer cacelation or refunds for digital goods (downloads) if the order has been completed and emailed the product either by email or link format for download. (No matter to have become the Download or not).
Therefore we do not offer refund under European legislation in services or software (software Addons) which you have emailed or installed for any reason. (Example wrong product selection, paranoisi description etc.). The nature of digital goods / services and software are such that there can be no return. More you can read in the field Returns. Domain name registration, non refundable. Refunds apply only in the case of credit, the hosts shared Hosting and VPS services are not subject to return . Money return in Custom work is done only if it is not possible to complete a technical task. No case of missunderstood or not metnioned will be accepted for money return. In any other case if work such as installation or additional configuration settings have been launched , its not refunded. 
11. Methods for payment
The products, prices, delivery terms (place, time, etc.) are those listed in the Registration Confirmation of your order. Payment in advance or upon delivery of the product and can be done with one of the following ways pliromis.a. By bank account Alpha Bank Account 233 00200 2020870 - IBAN GR2401402330233002002020870 SWIFT / BIC: CRBAGRAA Beneficiary: Fotios K. ourmadas and Co. EE. In this case, your order is sent after you send us a fax at +30 22210 51250 account Mr. Fotis Kourmada , nominal deposit is required to be stated staiting in the deposit  the order number (the delivery time is counted from the date of the deposit slip) .b. With payment via PayPal (charge 3,2% + € 0,34) .It is possible the document that will be issued for your order to be  sales invoice issued to companies and freelancers if  in the order following information is filled: company name, VAT nr,Tin Office, Company main office address.
IMPORTANT! Price in the custom work (either entire projects or work in commercial additives or services, or a combination thereof) is at the end of all the work and written or by mail Acceptance Acceptance of the project by the client, and not the repayment of amount.
12. Products Delivery 
After fully payed digital products will be available as Download made by email (in most cases). The software license CS-Cart is delivered within 24 hours while add-ons within 24 hours of the confirmation of payment (valid working days and hours only). The remaining days and hours of the delivery can take from 48 to 72 ores.Services and upgrades and any other work that needs to be done by us (including addon isntall) starts only after consultation and receipt codes in full . The turnaround time refers to the page or has become consultation with the technical department before ordering and it starts by taking all those  necessary data to complete the project (not partial) .Only for services with amounts of less than € 350 without VAT, advance the plenary amount and after confirmation of payment starts the work. Where the amount OVER € 350 then advance the 350 € and 50% of the additional amount of € 350, while payment is the remaining amount together with the total VAT.
For all other products (software license, upgrade license, Storefont addition, Hosting, Bridge with Softone) the amount will have to be  prepayed (with VAT) and after a delivery of product will be issued the invoice.
13. Access Credentials
If CS-Cart hosting undeliverable codes cpanel or FTP unless this is provided by the package with a corresponding choice clearly visible. All work on the server made by our technical department and only at your request and after designated time and dept. avaialbility For the work to be done on sites that are not hosted in our own service, the full access to the store is needed, like temporary FTP temporary access code to the database and temporary password manager to store admin.
14. Addons Incompatibility
All our Addons and the code that you have delivered checked and operate normally in pure CS-Cart installation for Mr.every issue for which they kataskefasthei.De liable if malfunction occurs with some other additional (third party manufacturer) or some code setting that has been made by you or arrangements of servers which epirazoun the correct functioning (old libraries or versions software for example) .You can take to solve such problems after the look and come at a price and time to implement.
15. Additional Upgrade & Support
Ola additives are made for specific version only and we have no obligation to upgrade to the next ekdosi.Efoson upgrade your store and you've made your first purchase from us within three months, and of course there is already a similar additive in the new version desired, eligible for free upgrade. For anavathmiseis end of the first quarter (and next) are entitled to 50% discount on the new version of the purchase price. To make this happen should tell us about the purchase date and order number. The above does not apply to custom add-ons. Not included no permission upgrade of these, and any upgrade their costed xechorista.I upgrading and general support issues only reserved in the domain that has been declared along with him on record as a customer (who pays). This means that only if the owner of the Domain he can receive the upgrade / ypsotirixi not if purchased / assigned the additional sources other than the store mas.Se all our add-ons (commercial and custom) and the dierefnisi solve problems encountered question is totally bug free. Not covered conflicts cases in another additional third-party, third-party theme, customization code from third parties, changes to the Server configuration or external paragontes.Oson regards software CS-Cart and MV the diagnosis problem is completely free of charge within 2 working poly days, depending on workload but also the seriousness of the problem. Where the problem occurs beyond the 30 days of the software market, charges may be applicable to solve . In any case should send a mail to info@dvs.gr, with the order number of the product, detailing the problem and any actions taken or associated  from you along with full access to hosting (Plesk / Cpanel / FTP) and store management.
Time of investigation starts only after sending all these. The process would probably require also your participation by answering questions of the technical department. The total time depends on the time you are given the answers to questions about the procedure and may of course be beyond the 2 working days if not given the correct answer / explenation within a reasonable time frame. Support of all types of problems is done exclusively and only by sending an email detailing, and always within working hours, that is between 09.00 and 17.00. We do not support or recording problems from the phone. Always provide complete recording and ONLY via email.
16. Offers / Custom Works
The final price of a custom work requires the full description and specifications where possible graphical representations (printscreeen, mockup, Photoshop, etc.) of the final result that the client wishes.It  will not be assessed any work /alteration/ addition which is not mentioned in writing. The final binding price ships always and only in two forms, a) either as a signed  pdf with complete description work, cost of time of completion or b) under the form link to our online store with reference specification, time and cost to the description of the project. In any other case its only a proposal and is not binding. The complition time of a project on offer is valid for the day of fuly payment and providing any required asset to finish this.This price offer is valid for 30 calendar days only.  Dvs has no responsibility for any damage (direct or indirect) of the customer and / or third occur due to failure or delay in the provision of tender for services, nor may be the cause for a requirement to pay any form of compensation from Greek or international courts. No upgrades is included  to custom add-ons / work, and they will be costed separately.
17. Hosting Terms
Dvs.gr  sendswritten instructions in Greek language and passwords, after payment of the pre-agreed amount, (prepaid annually). The hosting service is not offered for personal use. Renewal of websites, the storage management, etc.i downloaded content backup is the responsibility of the website operator set. Dvs not responsible for possible loss of data. Dvs is not in control of the content of web pages, so it can not guarantee their quality and legality. The content and proper use are the responsibility of the operator of each website and do not express the opinions of DVS.
Creating websites is not permitted for: storage / viewing pornographic material, storage / viewing material affect the reputation of third parties (libel, slander), storage / viewing material that is copyright theft, storage malicious file, program or piece of code that is designed to control, destroy or limit the functioning of software or ylikou.diamoirasmo files to third parties (Warez, trafficking pirated software, MP3 and movies of any kind) send e-mail or otherwise transmit any content for which there is no right to broadcast in accordance with the nomothesiagenika any nature activity considered ILLEGAL each of the above cases, if our grasp or become known by others, will immediately interrupt the provision of services and will remove all their content sites without exception!
Responsible for the renewal and update of any software installed on istsochoro is the manager if there is no one notary support. Restoring Web site after violation bring cost and does not constitute our own ypochreosi.Stin If the Client maintains outstanding one or more services to his account, the Company has the right to suspend, stop or delete all the domain or hosting accounts, receipted or not, without the obligation to provide backup (back up) in Pelati.O customer agrees that it intends to make reasonable use of the server resources hosted, that not all the server's resources for its own use and recognizes that it shares resources of the server with other users.Google accepts customer's responsibility to supervise the amount of space occupied by it and other users of the account of the hard disks of the server, so as not to exceed the limits set. If the space occupied exceeds the limits, the dvs.gr reserves the right to delete files to return the used space in the permissible oria.Customer account activation occurs after payment of the price of hosting the assistance of another service.  Dvs.gr should remind the client of the termination of the subscription via email 10 days before, and inform them about alternative methods of payment of the subscription renewal fee.
After confirming the renewed provision of the service, for the same period in the original contribution which can be altered by relevant customer request. If the client wants to cancel the service must notify the Dvs.gr least 10 days before the renewal date.In the event of late payment of the renewal fee, hosting will enter automativcly into sleep mode (suspended)  If within the following 10 days will not occure any payment  or there  will be no communication from the client side to settle the matter, the hosting account or service will be permanently deleted.  Dvs.gr  will NOT automatically renew subscriptions by credit card with automatic debit of the credit card. Any payment via credit card become concerns a single charge without saving data the credit card of the customer, while the deposit for acceptance should be accompanied by sending the deposit slip (mail to fax) and acknowledgment . If we  keep a copy of the website, you can get a fee for service recovery and sending backup to you.  Dvs has no responsibility for any damage caused in the event of unavailability of the network or system and can not guarantee that the server service will be uninterrupted or will not be a mistake, because of the special nature of the Internet (Internet) and networks through which distributed the plirofories.If exceeding the limit of use (site or monthly diakinisis data) of each packet, this is done without any intervention, or service disruption. Therefore receive email with eidopiiseis of your use if Getting to 80% of your packet. This happens if you have to upgrade to a bigger package of services to activate.  
Dvs, under all conditions and circumstances and for any reason, has no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use, availability or unavailability of services that offers and no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage and moral damage resulting from failure to provide support or delay services these and the Customer undertakes to accept the present that will not raise any kind of claims than those provided for (recovery backup -allios data and information "backup" - stored in the space has epoinikiasei, technical support, and every effort by the Company for direct recovery of any malfunctions occur for any reason the website), nor can be a cause for a claim payment any form of compensation, by Greek or international courts.
18. Data back-up
It will always remain your responsibility to retain up to date back-ups of any data in connection with your web site once the work has been completed by us and it is not our responsibility to retain any copies.
We can accept no responsibility whatsoever and will not be liable for any losses, claims or damages which may arise because data is not/has not been backed up.
19. Electronic Transmission of Invoice
Dvs provide Invoice for services rather than receipts. The Customer must notify the Dvs email addresses to which you sent the invoices issued but also the full price in figures (TIN, Tax, activity, company name). Furthermore, the Customer expressly declares that these e-mail addresses and any kind of information about them is the full, exclusive and undisputed control. These addresses will not be accessible by third parties unless they are authorized by the same Customer. The Dvs has no responsibility for the access of any third party the email addresses of Customer nor for any damage incurred by the Customer to access and / or use of e-mail addresses by third parties. For any change in timologosis data has indicated, particularly in e-mail address information, solely the responsibility of the Customer, who must inform the Dvs about changes.  Dvs not responsible if the Customer renovation failure or delay on the invoice for the above reason. The Dvs has no responsibility for any damage (direct or indirect) of the customer and / or third occur due to failure or delay of client access to the email. Customer acknowledges that Dvs reasonable efforts to ensure the availability of electronic timologion.Timologisi transmission service is paid only if the entire final amount work with the VAT and send the Repository. Agreement is the amount and payment and then billed and sent the invoice to one working day.
20. Online dispute resolution
Since 02/15/2016 entered into operation the Electronic Dispute Resolution platform (Online Dispute Resolution - ODR) of the European Commission, which allows both consumers and traders to resolve their differences electronically or relate to domestic or cross-border synallages.I ODR connected directly with the competent bodies Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in each country, which assume the handling of complaints. Any dispute resolution institution apply its own rules and procedures. These are usually simpler, faster and less expensive than litigation. However, the choice of the carrier must be agreed by both parties. In our country is competent bodies) by the Independent Authority "Consumer Ombudsman" andb) the Ombudsman for Banking - Investment Services. The process takes place in four stages: - Submission katangelias-- agreement on a dispute settlement body - Handling of complaints by resolving vector diaforon-- Result and terminate the complaint The process is easy, completed electronically and serves all countries EU. the operator has to decide within 90 imeron.I ODR part of Directive 2013/11 / EC, which has recently aligned the Greek legislation (to JMD 70330/2015) and provides for the possibility of electronic consumer dispute resolution in the process Alternative Dispute Resolution in the EU. in reference to the European Agency ODR.
21. Acceptance of terms
Present conditions of use are drawn up by all the legal rules of the Greek territory, governed by Greek & European laws, the force in this legislation of the European Union and from international treaties and construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and social and economic purpose of the right. Dvs has no responsibility for any damage (direct or indirect) of the customer and / or third occur due to failure or delay provision , of services,  nor can be a cause for a requirement to pay any form of compensation from Greek or international Courts.Conditions contained herein supersede any other agreement or negotiation between the Client and Dvs, oral, written or otherwise, including anystatements by a representative of the Company.
To the extent that the law allows Dvs will not be held responsible for any loss, incidental or consequential damage, or loss arising out of installation, use (unauthorised or otherwise), errors, mistakes, accident, theft or fraud, destruction, or any part of the provision of services, software or addons.
This agreement may be terminated by any of the parties, without cause.  Dvs.gr not obliged to return the pre-agreed amount or balance, if interruption requested by the customer or breach of the terms chrisis. Dvs.gr reserves the right to make changes or updates to the site in relation to the contents prices promotions, services or in the form of any time without notice and is Customer's responsibility to arrange to be informed by this website.