Refund Policy

Please read our Refund Policy carefully as it sets out your rights with respect to your purchases, including important limitations and exclusions. Your placement of an order constitutes your agreement that this policy applies to the order.

You have the unconditional right to claim and receive a full refund for the software within 14 days on certain cases only following the day of your purchase. No refund will be available after this refund period is over.

Any purchase of the software at a discounted price is non-refundable

Our Customer must ensure before purchasing that is happy with the product on our demo and has tested it in all areas he/she wish for it work in. Refunds are not given for incompatibilities that can be tested via the demo. 

We will not provide refunds for digital products once the order is completed and the product is delivered (that means available for download, regarding downloaded or not). There are no refunds on  services or any software that has been installed or emailed to you.

The nature of digital products makes it impossible to "return" them. 

So refund requests will not be granded for the following reasons:

  • Download issues
  • Stated and bought wrong version
  • Product is not as described
    Third party addons/themes/code Conflicts

There is no refund for the deposit made for the unique requests if buyer changes his/her mind and don't want to finish a project.

We will refund the amount only if we are unable to develop the requested project for technical reasons only or the none custom addon is not working on a default CS-Cart  installation after our efforts to fix. (installation without third party addons/themes/code)

There is no refund on exploring projects, like trying to find a problem on a store, regardless of the result.

The cost of the installation service will be refunded in full as long as  the engineer has not started the installation process before the claim is received.

Software upgrade subscription is Non-refundable. 

There is no refund for custom works that has alredy been completed. When hours are used according to quote , it is not possibel to refund for any reason.

If the refund is granted, the user must remove all Software related or any of its derivatives and must not use the software unless another license is purchased. The No USE Form must be signed and return in 10 working days. If it is not returned intime then it Refund is not accepted , procedure it is canceled and Refund is no more possible for those products and will not be granded in the future.

So here by you acknowledge that you lose your right to withdraw once the download/email send has started.