Download CS-Cart

There are 2 available products by CS-Cart: CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor.

Both products can be used in the Trial mode for 30 days.

According to the CS-Cart license agreement the right to use CS-Cart Trial is granted to a single person only once.

When the Trial period is over in Multi-Vendor, you must either purchase the full commercial license (see below) or stop using the software and delete it from all your devices.

In CS-Cart, after the trial period is over, the Free mode will be activated automatically. In this mode, you have access to a limited set of eCommerce tools suitable for small and early-stage businesses.

The Full mode can be activated in CS-Cart at any time by purchasing the full commercial license.

The operation mode (Trial, Free, or Full) is selected when you first access the admin panel after the CS-Cart installation or later on the Settings → Store mode page.

Activating the Full mode

Purchase a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor license to receive a new license key. Enter the key on the Settings → Store mode page in your CS-Cart admin panel. No file update is required.