Upgrade policy

We  grant you the right to run the software on a server for an unlimited amount of time and provide free of charge updates to new versions of purchased software for a period of 3 (three) months from the date of purchase.

Also for this period there is possibility to prolonge the download access to the purchased software if lost it, but not later thant that!

During the purchase buyer can purchase an upgrade protection in order to extend this access to the maximum interval which is one year.

No updates may be used to upgrade the licenses for which the upgrade protection plan has not been bought or has terminated.

Existing Customers are entitled for an upgrade after the 3 month (90 days) period, (when Upgrades available or allowed) in a special price, 50% off of the current Addon Price, simply by emailing the Order number of their previous purchase.This discount option do not apply to Install surcharge, or 1 Year upgrade fee.!

No upgrade will be granded for all custom Addons at all.

When purchasing upgrade for an Addon, Buyer gets the right to install new versions only on the domain for which the Addon has been bought.

We are not always upgrading Addons, so you might not find a later version on some Addons. Upgrades always depend on market needs and when am Addon is no more popular enough there will be no updates. You can always request a quote for upgrading this espedcialy for your needs.

No valid updates between the following cs-cart versions are allowed:

  • v.1.3.x -> v.2.x
  • v.1.3.x -> v.3.x
  • v.1.3.x -> v.4.x
  • v.2.x -> v.4.x


When a new version appears, the upgade for all Addons can get up to 45 working days. There is no special order on upgrading them. Just ask as about the time needed for the Addon you need to upgrade. This is time will not be substructed from the 3 months free upgrade time!

We reserve the right to change our policy at any time, without any prior notice, both for new and existing customers. Only customers with a paid Upgrade service will not be subject of changes.